The countdown to the 2023 Super Bowl is on! Let’s take a look at the role of analytics.

I get to answer questions concerning the role of analytics in the National Football League and how analytics may affect the outcome of the 2023 Super Bowl.

Sports Analytics - Putting the Fun Back Into Analytics

This presentation attempts to answer that question by exploring all the areas of the application of analytics in sports. The final point the brief makes is that by using sports data to teach k-means clustering, students are more interested in learning advanced analytical concepts.

The Transitioning Veteran Workforce

In today's special Team CANA spotlight episode, our host Rob Cranston will be talking with a handful of active military and veteran TEAM CANA members, about some of the special military workforce transitioning programs that are available, how to get involved in those programs, what it's like making the transition to the civilian workforce, and how the team at CANA and the CANA Foundation are involved. A big thanks goes out to Hannah Wallace, Walt DeGrange, Cornelious Young, and Kenny McRostie for being part of today's Team CANA veteran spotlight interview.

ESPN Professional Sports Analysis

This is an ongoing analysis project to quantify the effects of analytics on the big four US professional sports teams. The ESPN Great Analytics Rating in 2015 is used for the team analytics ratings. I had to give the Las Vegas Golden Knights a rating of 4 since ESPN never did the rankings again and the NHL decided to expand. The presentation has been presented at the 2017, 2018, and 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting and at several MORS Critical Skills for Analytics Professionals (CSAP) courses. It was also presented for the NC State Sports Analytics Club in March of 2019 and at a event in April 2019. is used for salary data. Cash salary is used for NBA, MLB, and NFL. The cap difference is used for the NHL. Teams are ranked from 1 (paying highest salary) to the last team (paying the lowest salary).

March 2019 - Sports Analytics Applications

In this episode we will explore three different applications of O.R. and analytics in sports, from basketball, to baseball, and beyond! Joining me for this episode are Sheldon Jacobson of the University of Illinois to discuss NCAA March Madness basketball brackets, Michael Trick of Carnegie Mellon University to give insight into Major League Baseball game scheduling, and Walt DeGrange of CANA and past chairman of the INFORMS SpORts Section to discuss current and developing applications of O.R. and analytics in sports.