What a Year!


2023 was a whirlwind for me and the analytics world in general. Here are three highlights that encapsulate the year’s momentum:

  1. Generative AI Takes Center Stage: Early 2023 saw the rise of Generative AI (Gen AI), a game-changer that dominated the rest of the year. My February talk to the NC State Supply Chain Club introduced the impact of Gen AI on analytics, and soon, every presentation or training remotely related to the field needed to address it. The conversation evolved from using the entire internet to train massive language models to focusing on smaller, data-specific models for more targeted results.

  2. Inspiring the Next Generation: 2023 offered several rewarding opportunities to engage directly with students, my favorite being presentations at the NC State Supply Chain Club and a Georgetown McDonough School of Business panel on analytics in business. Sharing real-world stories and igniting passion for analytics in these young minds is truly fulfilling. I’m already looking forward to my next student engagement at Wake Forest this spring.

  3. Giving Back to the Community: This summer, I was re-elected to the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Board of Directors for a second four-year term. Witnessing the seeds planted in my previous term (2015-2018) blossom, like the proliferation of Continuing Education, is incredibly gratifying. MORS is actively addressing key issues through special meetings beyond the DC area, with last year’s Wargaming with Pacific Partners held in Hawaii and 2024’s Global Critical Infrastructure Workshop in Germany. As every professional society strives to share knowledge and adapt to the evolving world, I’m excited to be part of shaping MORS’ next chapter.

That wraps up a phenomenal 2023! Buckle up for more adventures and insights in 2024, with exciting travel and experiences on the horizon.

CANA Senior Director of Analytics

An analytics professional that enjoys learning, teaching, and using analytical techniques and tools to answer challenging questions.